Commercial Painting

Painters of commercial and industrial buildings have a special talent that house painters never get to experience. Although both types of painters can be professional and deliver excellent results, commercial painters provide additional know-how that is only required when painting commercial structures.

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Commercial Building Painters

Owners of commercial buildings such as strip malls, mega malls, restaurants, and other busy business establishments have requirements that must be met by service contractors. A painting company must be able to work on off-hours, obtain higher liability insurance, and purchase special equipment to paint larger structures.

Industrial Building Painters

Painters of industrial properties must have specialized experience and meet additional requirements not required by other painters. Some industrial buildings may require special paints that are chemical and acid resistant. Knowledge of safety striping or other strict code requirements may also be necessary.

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Painting Requirements

A commercial or industrial painting company will usually have large work crews to ensure that the job is completed in a timely manner as to not interfere with the business's operations. The job must be carefully coordinated between the business's managers and the painting crew to prevent mishaps and to complete the job on schedule.

Choose the right commercial painter

Whether your next painting project is for a newly constructed building or an existing structure, choose the right house or commercial painter for the job. Check references, liability insurance certificates, worker's compensation requirements, and proper city permits before beginning any job.